Category Landing Pages for the New

Created at Poppin


With the launch of Poppin's new website, we needed new category landing pages. These pages can be a new customers first touch-point if they're coming from search. Alternatively, it's reachable by selecting the category from the navigation. This presented a unique challenge to speak to the brand's larger stories, as well as the specific category features (eg. all trays are designed to fit with one another). 



First, I sat with the Director of Marketing and Copywriter to decide on the main stories to tell for each category. For notebooks, it was the different innovative formats and colors. For desk accessories, the story was form meeting function. Then I put in my headphones and did some sketching.

Another designer worked on the first category landing page for the furniture collection, which established some elements. I enjoyed thinking through the best way to convey these stories to two different audiences; a brand new customer and an existing one. I also had to design responsively.

I also designed the category landing pages for Notebooks, Writing, and Desk Accessories.