When branding an extremely shady casino and brothel, I wanted it to keep an air of mystery. Sexy, sophisticated, and a bit sinister without being explicit or obvious. The nude, black, and white color palette suggests nudity and lingerie. The criss-cross pattern of the printed materials represents fishnet stockings.

The “O” of One-Eyed Jack’s, is literally the one eye. It’s carried throughout the web and printed materials, as a subtle reminder that “Jack” always has an eye on you. Although One-Eyed Jack’s promises discretion, they aren’t exactly the most trustworthy bunch. On the website the eye even blinks! (That’s my favorite little detail).


Before you came here, Twin Peaks was a simple place. My brothers sold drugs to truck-drivers and teenagers. One-Eyed Jack’s welcomed curious tourists and businessmen. Quiet people lived quiet lives. Then a pretty girl dies.
— Jean Renault

Process sketches

Process sketches


When I first started brainstorming the identity for One-Eyed Jacks, I wanted something very clean. The One-Eyed Jack’s of the television show is tacky in a great ‘90s, red velvet everything way. I decided it needed some serious re-branding to bring it into the 21st century. I wanted to make my One-Eyed Jack in the style of Always With Honor. I really admire their strong, clean, graphic icons and illustrations. Some of the earlier attempts can be seen to the right. In the end I chose an all-black silhouette with a striking white eye.

I wanted the website to be bit mysterious. Obviously, Benjamin Horne is smarter than to have a website that says “Hey world! We recruit teenage girls from the perfume counter of my department stores to become prostitutes!” I never wanted to explicitly state it’s a “brothel.” I wanted the general tone to be aimed toward people “in the know.” For that reason, I kept the navigation (the card suits on the upper right) unlabeled and not overly obvious. I’m generally against splash pages, but for this particular project, I liked the idea of having an extra step; similar to an Internet doorman. Conceptually, “members” would login to the website for additional content.

I didn’t want to be overly explicit with anything, but I did want it to have a sexy and somewhat sinister tone to it. The black and white photograph of cherries is meant to be a reference to Audrey Horne’s classic tying a cherry stem with her tongue scene. I also appreciated the double-entendres of cherries and of course, One-Eyed Jack’s.

Finally, I pictured the clientele of One-Eyed Jack’s as very wealthy businessmen, like Benjamin Horne. As such, the simplicity and sophistication of the design are meant to add a degree of “class” to an establishment of highly questionable morality. The very simple design is also meant to suggest a level of discretion for their clientele.